Vertical Accents

This quite large suburban garden is divided into a series of ‘rooms’ offering a different feel to the space as you walk through the garden.  From the existing patio, a wide gravel path, edged with brick, leads through the centre of the garden, with a tall stone water feature providing a focal point from the house as well as the gentle sound of moving water close to the seating area.  Two diagonal lines of simple, tall vertical posts, planted with airy grasses and perennials between, form a see-through screen which leads the eye to the modern, clean lined row of three square timber arches across the path in the centre.  The arches form an un-linked pergola leading to the rear of the garden.  Behind the posts, two areas of contemporary structural planting surrounded by paving create interest and variety in textures.  Another row of vertical posts and transparent planting screens the garden room and the rest of the garden to the rear. The customers built and planted this themselves with lovely results.